Report on Künzelsau Refugee Strikes in Baden-Württemberg


Protest Act! Rex Osa Report on Künzelsau Refugee Strikes in Baden-Württemberg

Submitted by voice on Tue, 03/19/2013 - 08:37

Refugees in Künzelsau continued with their protest against discriminating mechanism of the district. They accused the District Authorities of ignoring their own complains and pledge their determination to continue their protest until possible response in achieved.

Hungerstreik soll unbefristet fortgesetzt werden

About 30 Refugees from Künzelsau gathered themselves from their lager which is located in-between Loud factories and Warehouses and marched with placards and slogans on the street to the district Office ( Landratsamt) to resound their demands for Human dignity.

One Refugee complained of his bitter experience in Afganistan with high hope for protection and true democracy in Europe only to be confronted with abject Isolation and Trauma. He lamented over the ever re-occurring questions like “What’s the situation in Afganistan? How would a German in need of help be handled in Afganistan? His recommendation was to refer such Questions to the German Soldiers who should explain their reasons for being in Afganistan.

The Authorities refused to openly address the Refugees while the Police carried on with their usual deceitful legal conditions that govern the regulation of protest and their hunt for the leader but the refugees stood firm with the stand of everybody being responsible and we do not believe in hierarchy.

As part of building up solidarity networking amongst Refugees in the Southern part of Germany, Refugee Activist of The nationwide Caravan for The Rights of Refugees and Migrants were present at the scene to empower the self determination of the Refugees in Kunzelsau.

The Officials of the Landratsamt after a while communicated with the Police on their readiness to speak with 3 Refugees today at 14.30hrs in Room Number 11 on the issue.

The refugees complained about this usual practice of holding discussion with the Officials without any response

At a meeting with the Refugees activists who appeared in solidarity at the scene, the refugees expressed the various inhumane situations they are confronted with in their local district.

Their central Focus was to have the possibility of Human development and opportunity to Work-
We do not want social help; we are able bodied humans with the will of taking responsibility of ourselves.

The Refugees are faced with identity documents that are restricted to 3 months temporal residence in the lagers unlike many other Refugees, hence when they try to find a Job, the short duration of the Permit hinders such possibility as well as the district restriction of working outside the district (i.e.) in Heilbronn where there are better chances to get a Job.

The Health situation of the refugees is actually horrible; some of them are compelled to pay back hospital bills after treatments have been offered to them by the Doctors. There is a case of skin infection on many of the refugees but the district Social Office rejects taking responsibility even at the doctor’s confirmation of the illness being communicable with warning of infected persons from getting into public swimming pools.

There is a case of a Refugee having problems with the Spinal Cord and an expert recommendation for Physiotherapy as the better option because take tablet would have negative effects on his Kidneys but the District Social Office has summoned him to payback the expenses and stopped him from continuing except he pays directly for the therapy.

The situation of food packages exist in form of a point shop where refugees are allowed 325 points on Tuesday and Fridays a week. One Pack of Water produced in Italy attracts 125 points

Refugees are given coupons to collect used Cloths from the Red Cross where they hardly find their sizes in most cases.

The increase pocket money from 40 Euros to 134Euros is disbursed to them in 2 instalments of 68,50Euros fortnightly as part of controlling and further discrimination on Refugees.

Some complained of continuous problems with their Stomach which is connected with the unhealthy food that is forced on them but at visiting the doctor, all they get is the same medicine which does not help the situation.
Many of them have doctors’ prescription for which cost the refugees are expected to clarify at the social office before further treatment could be offered.

In the case of Emergency situations requiring Ambulance the refugees are threatened with Fines as high as 150 Euros if they dare to call an Ambulance hence they resort to using Taxi when such circumstances occurs.

The situation of 8 refugees congested in one Room alongside 20-25 Refugees sharing one Toilet with Shower all in one was alarming. That means only one Refugee can use neither the Toilet nor Shower at a time.

The Walls were seen to be eaten up by Moulds with the same Rug carpets that have been there for many years according to one of the refugees.

We appeal for Solidarity visits and actions from supporting networks within the Region.

Asylbewerber in Künzelsau: "Wir sind im Hungerstreik"

For direct Contact to the Refugees, please call 015147518458

The VOICE Refugee Forum (Stuttgart)
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