Dresden nazis sighted in Friedrichshain

A group of Dresden Nazis have been seen at Bari's cafe on Rigaer Strasse at around 1.30pm. As with everyone who passes through the area we hope to give them a warm welcome.

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please give such infos further also to the afa fhain and the register:






and / or contact the houseprojects. there you may find help.


thank you.


there should be also some telephone chain in case of fire... u might know.


such infos here do slightly the less.

Was geht ab in Friedrichshain? September 2012




Thor Steinar . Rechte Übergriffe . Neonazi-Aktionen . Alltagsrassismus . Homophobie . Rechtspopulisten . Und Antifaschistischer Widerstand in Berlin-Friedrichshain