Anarchisten aus Athen über Deutsche Telekom

Anschlag auf die Telekomtochterfirma OTE in Athen

Nachdem es erst kürzlich in Berlin zu einem Angriff gegen die Deutsche Telekom kam, thematisiert jetzt eine anarchistische Gruppe aus Athen die Rolle des Unternehmens. Der Text aus Athen steht im Zusammenhang mit einem Anschlag auf die Telekomtochterfirma OTE in Athen.



Responsibility claim for the arson of vehicles of the National Telecommunications Organisation (OTE) Athens, 19/4 Actions speak for themselves.


But despite that we would like to mention a couple of words about the current situation and the choice of going on the attack. While the metropolis has filled with all sorts of cops and the prisons with comrades, while the fascist poison pours plenty out of the screens and the scum are getting ready for another election festival, while the repression towards the internal enemy is upgraded and spreads out, we thought we would put our own different stroke in this miserable landscape.


On 19/4 we cut with an electrical saw the shutters of the closed parking lot of OTE in Exarxia and completely destroyed all the vehicles that were there. OTE is now just a subsidiary of Deutche Telecom. The german multinational is a colossus in the sector of telecommunications and actually is the largest company in of its kind in Europe, with a monopoly position in the international market.


At the same time it is also a pioneer in control and surveillance systems. In 2008 amidst a scandal Deutche Telecom confirmed that it had kept the information of mobile phones from 17 million of its customers. Deutche Telecom cooperates closely with the german state and its subsidiary T-Systems has undertaken the digital telecommunications of the german police. We don’t have to say more about why they are considered a target for us.  

We dedicate this action to A.Mitrousias, G.Karagiannidis and K.Sakkas who have begun a hunger strike from the 6th of April, demanding the lifting of the new vengeful imprisonments and the IMMEDIATE RELEASE of anarchist comrade S.Antoniou because of the serious health problems she is dealing with, a situation which gets worse by the day because of her conditions of incarceration. 

We also stand next to the members of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire and anarchist Th.Mavropoulos, who have also begun a hunger strike from the 8th of April, demanding the final transfer G.Tsakalos and P.Argirou to Koridallos prisons from Domokos prisons.

We do not forget the decent prisoner S.Darvilas who has begun a hunger strike from the 4th of April demanding the leave days he deserves and which he is vengefully being deprived of, neither do we forget those arrested on February 12th.