We want to be free and live in dignity - Manifestation in Hannover for The universal Basic Rights


On December 10, 1948, the general assembly of the United Nations adopted a universal declaration of human rights which specifies in thirty articles the basic rights of every human being. Under the dominance of the white bourgeois class and colonial conception of society, the charter was promulgated as an ideal for a peaceful and fair social cohabitation between men, peoples and States. In fact nowadays wars are done in the name of human rights.

The universal declaration of human rights became for the western elites, managers and affiliated groups an instrument of propaganda to assault and invade others countries. It is their “white west” and the faded finery to simulate the democracy and the justice. It is a label to disguise a bestial economic system in which every six seconds a child dies of starvation.

According to the Swiss sociologist, Jean Ziegler, who was the united nation’s special emissary for the Right to Food, the technological developments – accordingly applied - are enough sufficient to feed the double of the world’s population of today. Consequently, he states that each starved child has been murdered. A book is not enough to bring out all the crimes against the human rights committed by these states which are defining themselves as the guardians of the human rights.

We will be in Hannover at the anniversary’s date of the declaration of the human rights charter to tell the truth about it and talk too about the conception of human rights in the federal state of Niedersachsen. We want to address the people of Hannover and make them awake, so that they stand up against injustice and disdain towards human being.

In connection with the “BREAK Isolation’s” campaign in Thüringen, we as the the CARAVAN plattform and The VOICE Refugee Forum want to solidarize with the refugee’s community of Niedersachsen in their actions and strengthen the bonds of solidarity.

We are inviting you to the manifestation in Hannover.

TIME: 12:00-16:00

PLACE: ERNST-AUGUST-PLATZ / ANFANG BAHNHOFSTRASSE (in front of the main train station Hannover HAUPTBAHNHOF Hannover)

Refugees, in different places in Niedersachsen are fighting for their rights. They cannot and they do not want to accept anymore the humiliations, the racist laws, the mortgage and the destruction of their life.

In spring this year, the refugees of the district of Gifhorn (Landkreis Gifhorn) organised a demonstration after Shambu Lama from Nepal – living since 14 years in Germany and father of a child- was driven into suicide under false pretences of the aliens department Gifhorn (Ausländerbehörde Gifhorn) concerning his imminent deportation. Since months, the refugees of Meinersen´s camp are calling attention to their situation and explain that many of them don’t withstand anymore the authorities’ psychological pressure and menace. They call for the closing of the camp and the right to obtain an appropriate habitation, as well a work permit instead of the wretched supply by the state – which spends the big part of the money to the maintenance of the “camp system” and makes deals with private operators like K & S Dr Krantz Sozialbau based in Sottrum near Bremen, at the involved cost. Few weeks ago, the refugees from the Bramsche/Hesepe´s camp near Osnabruck started again to protest. The 8th of November 2011 they held a press conference during which they announced further protests and public actions within the next weeks:

We want to live in freedom and dignity! We don’t want to live imprisoned in the Hesepe´s isolation camp!

Contrary to the mildewed huts or the barracks buildings like the camps in Zellamehlis and Gerstungen (in Thüringen) or in Velbert ( Nordrhein-Westfalen), Bramsche/Hesepe is a “white” camp. Not because of its construction but because of its total isolation from any civilization. In this abandoned complex, they installed a refectory, a medical station, an administration, a school for the children, short all what a refugee, according to the Germans authorities’ concept, needs awaiting his procedure. Up to 700 peoples are quartered there.

“We are coming from different countries: here are people from Afghanistan, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Iraq, India, Iran, ex-Yugoslavia, Lebanon, Cameroon, Caucasus, Syria, Turkey……. We left all we possessed in the expectation to secure our lives and to live in peace and dignity. We never thought we will have to live in such of camp. Most of us are living here since years and still wait for a decision concerning their asylum procedure. Every day, it becomes clear to us that the camp is constructed with the objective of humiliating and demoralising us. We are losing our humanity. They are treating us like animals. Every day we become sicker and weaker. Many of us are getting crazy. Our everyday life is resumed to eat and sleep. All our wishes and hopes, and those our children’s pass away in front of the barbed wire and the security men.” (Press Conference).

Mr. Uwe Schünemann, minister of the interior in Niedersachsen (Christian-Democratic-Union) was elected by the NGO “Youth without Borders” several times as deportation’s minister of the year. Any way the Home Office of Hannover characterizes itself by an extreme repressive attitude. They gave order to all the districts (Landkreis) to not give cash money to the refugees but instead food vouchers and to keep the refugees housing isolate. There are also camps in Hannover inside the bush. The politic of deportation of the state has killed Shambu Lama and the Home Office (Innenministerium) finds it in due form. In a letter he sent in February 2011 to the president of parliament of Lower Saxony Hermann Dinkla, Mr Mahrenholt ( ex vice president of Federal Constitutional Court) wrote that the politic of deportation spoils the image of the country because it violates the article 1 of the constitution concerning the dignity of human and proposed to establish a round table.

If countries are attacked and bombarded in the name of the human rights, if refugees are hunted with military operations at Europe’s borders and if here humans being are forced to live in camps with lack of all that means something is going wrong with this society.

We take our protest and our call for solidarity to the people on the streets. We want to talk with you on December 10, 2011.
Closure of all the camps, abolition of the racist special laws, stopp deportation.

We will not rest until every one is free.

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