CASTOR railbed hollowed in places

07.11.2010 20:36

Despite massive police violence thousands of female and male activists managed to remove ballast stones from the 72-km railway line from Lüneburg to Dannenberg, the end of the rail trip for the CASTORS. When the stone removers withdrew late Sunday afternoon, there were quite a few holes under the rails. A successful day!


When the first groups began to dig stones out of the railbed near Leitstade, they were ruthlessly attacked by police with everything they’ve got: pepper spray, tear gas, truncheons and water cannons. False claims by police that they were attacked, for example by gas, are disproved by many videos on the Internet, e.g. Spiegel Online and Graswurzel TV.


Despite the police excesses, people kept on getting onto the rails for brief periods to remove ballast. A stretch of track kilometres long was repeatedly accessed by people before they were beaten back. Although activists were injured, they returned to the camps content and feeling victorious. The CASTORS aren’t in Gorleben by a long chalk and the blockades will go on.