ATTACK G20: Plan B

Barrikaden in der Palmaille
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Since yesterday, the streets of Hamburg have been flooded with rage. The Altona fish market burned and cops were forced to hide. Normally, now is about the time we would expect to receive information about a meet up point for anarchist militants. But as the situation stands currently, and as we consider how the day went, the prospects for the night tempt us to stray from our original plan.  


In our assessment, it doesn’t make sense to find a common meet up point right now, since we have so many people so well positioned. It makes more sense to converge in a larger district instead of doing the usual cat and mouse game with the police in the Schanze district. The amount of people that have been detained or arrested is surprisingly low, and we should ensure that it stays that way. At the same time, we must create moments that kindle a sense of confidence that will allow us to overcome our limits and to find the beach beneath the street.


If we wish to see the Capital in this city burn, and if we want to see the pigs that protect it run, the decentralized concept seems to be the best bet.

Because we’re all here, we’re all motivated, and we’ll see each other later in the darkness of the streets.

For the free floodwaters and for common revolt




**translator’s note- the meet up point idea refers to the common German practice of dispersing after the main demo, then meeting in smaller groups that attack and immediately disperse. Coutnerposed to that idea is the proposal to gather forces to defend neighborhoods for an extended period of time.