Brazilian ranchers attack Gamela indigenous people with machetes in land dispute

Brazilian ranchers attack Gamela indigenous people with machetes

The ranchers gathered at a barbecue to get drunk before driving to the Gamela Indians’ community, surrounding them, and then attacking them with machetes. Thirteen Gamela were hospitalized and, horrifically, one man had his arms virtually severed. Tribespeople say that the police stood by and allowed the attack to happen. All the Gamela had done was to try to reclaim a small part of their ancestral territory. Their land has been invaded and destroyed by ranchers, loggers and land grabbers, forcing them to live in extremely cramped conditions on a tiny patch of land. 

This truly heinous attack is symptomatic of a sustained and brutal onslaught which is annihilating indigenous communities across Brazil. And we fear this is only the beginning…

Brazil’s agribusiness lobby is deeply influential in government. Its anti-indigenous politicians are desperately trying to change the law so they can steal tribal lands. These lands are being opened up and the government teams protecting uncontacted tribes are being withdrawn – leaving the Indians defenseless against heavily-armed invaders.

Yanomami leader Davi Kopenawa told us: “This is the most aggressive attack we have experienced in our lifetime."

We must not let the country’s first peoples be silenced. We must not allow profit and greed to destroy them and our planet. We must fight this urgent and horrific humanitarian crisis.

With your donation today, we can hold the perpetrators to account. We can shed light on the escalating situation in Brazil: We must uncover the truth, give indigenous peoples a platform to speak to the world, and stand with them as they fight to enforce their rights according to national and international law.

They need us now, more than ever. Will you help?


Stephen Corry 

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