(B) 2nd Update for the July 9 demo • Defend Rigaer 94! • Smash investors dreams!

Demo am 9.07. Rigaer 94 verteidigen!Investor*innenträume platzen lassen!

The siege of Rigaer 94 is now entering its third week. Yesterday, the mayor of Berlin Michael Müller spoke up and demanded Henkel to hold talks with the "Autonomen". Henkel sees himself increasingly under political pressure, yet it's still expected he will maintain his strategy of further escalating. As surprising as the statements made by Michael Müller were to many of us, they should still be evaluated for what they are: an election campaign, on the back of Friedrichshainer Nordkiezes since October 2015.

It is this district which for decades has been defending itself against luxury renovations, repression and state control. So now a 14-day assault on Rigaer 94 applies not only to housing projects but to all people living, working and living here. We remain firmly committed to not abandoning this neighbourhood without a fight, and expand and solidify the rebellious and supportive structures that exists in the neighbourhood. Not even the terror of Henkel and his watchdogs will change a thing! Nothing is over! That is why we continue to call our neighbours to join us in the streets on Saturday - against the attempt to expel our structures in favour of capitalist urban development. No luxury buildings in Rigaer, let us further avert the 'Carré Sama-Riga'.
The current day of action sees the arrival of hundreds of additional cop units from Bavaria, Lower Saxony, Brandenburg and North Rhine-Westphalia, added to the overburdened Berlin cops. The Bavarian has also now stationed in Nordkiez until the weekend added How many bulls from other states yet, is currently not yet in sight. There can be many. If the cops should prevent or crush the demonstration, we appeal to you to remain flexible. Apply out of control strategies and set decentralised concepts. We will not allow our demo to run in a hermetically sealed kettle intended to limit our visibility and our freedom of movement.

It will be up to all of us, how the day will pass. What happens on the day and will be possible will depend on your momentum and initiative. Even if we decided to notify the demo, we would like to see on the demo as many options as possible for many different forms of action. Prepare yourselves and be creative!
Route: Start Wismarplatz - Boxhagenerstr. - Mainzerstr. - Scharnweberstr. - Kinzigstr. - Frankfurter Allee - Voigtstr. - Rigaererstr. - Proskauerstr. - Eldenaerstr. - Liebigstr. - Rigaererstr. - Proskauerstr. - Frankfurter Allee - Warschauerstr. - Mühlenstr. - Stralauer Platz (Ostbahnhof)
Sleeping place exchange: To make possible the participation of as many people from other cities in the July 9 demonstration, we now offer an exchange of sleeping places. You can write us at schlafboerseRigaerer@info.lv.

Street medics: There will be a team of several street medics active in and around the demo. They are recognisable by red vests. If you or people around you should be injured, turn yourselves to them. This is especially true in the case of attacks by cops with irritants!

The Berliner Ermittlungsauschuss (EA) will be switched on from Saturday 19:00. If you are arrested or observe arrests, you can call the EA under the number 030/69 22,222th Please do not forget to sign off when you're out again. Practical tips for dealing with repression
Solidarity call by the Meuterei Berlin

Nothing is over!
July 9 demo • Defend Rigaer 94! Smash investors dreams! • Wismarplatz / 20:30 start of the rally • 21:00 sharp - demo start!