No Border Kitchen Lesvos (Greece) update

No Border Kitchen Lesbos

To start off with a side note, in the previous article we are talking about a 'police rate'. This should have been 'police raid'. Lets say being in the kitchen 24/7, a lack of sleep and rushing to write an online statement took its toll. Sorry for this mistake, and thanks to out comrades from Contra Info pointing this out to us.


The current situation. No police raid! The fascist assholes did not have the guts to show up, or the rumors (which we have many, many circling around the island) that we would get a police raid were false. Anyhow;


Today 2 supporters of NBK, together with our lawyer went to the municipality to explain to the mayor of Mytilini what our demands are. The mayor started off with a statement that he considers himself on a left political side and that he wanted to show us his friendly face. After explaining him the demands of the refugees in NBK, he informed us that he does not have the political power to fullfil our demands. He informed us that we have to leave Tsamakia beach the same day (today, 30-03-2016) were we responded that thats clearly impossible. Afther some bargaining the 'deal' whas made that the kitchen will be gone in a period of 7 days, on 06-04-2016. We clearly informed that we will only remove the kitchen, and let the refugees decide for themselves what they will do, that we will respect there dicisions and fully support there dicisions and keep on supporting them in any way we can.

The mayor put on it black and white on paper, singned and stamped with some official stamp, that he will not evict NBK, send any police, frontex or busses to moria before the 7th of april.


We want to make a clear statement that we (the people of NBK in support with refugees) are anarchists. We want to make clear that we never thought that the conversation with the mayor would have lead to any more positive result of the current situation of refugees in NBK, Lesvos or elsewhere. We do not believe the lies of cops, politicians and those in power, no matter if they claim to be left or right wing, and try to keep our communication with our enemys as minimum as possible. We want to make clear that at the moment we are trying prevent eviction, arrests, transportation to Moria and deportation of our comrades in any possible way. Unfortunately we felt like standing with our backs against the wall, forced to communicate with those who make the lives of our comrades a living hell. We want to make clear that this communication was and will be never our decision, our consent and we will never make the first move to communicate with our enemies.


At the moment it is not possible for us to share with the world what our next steps will be, but an update will follow soon.


For a world without borders!!!


NBK Lesvos


twitter: @noborderkitchen


Infotel. (greek): 0030 698 340 69 78

Infotel. (ger.) : 0049 160 95 10 27 51


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