[FR] Protests in Freiburg's BEA - show solidarity!

Refugees welcome

Last night, BEA inhabitants protested once more against the conditions there, for a faster registration and for the distribution of money.

Badische Zeitung released a short article. Several persons living within told us that the securities forcefully kept them from leaving the site and carrying the protest outside. The securities called the police, that came in a huge number. Quite a few cops in full riot gear spent a long time inside BEA, and also there were several ambulances in site. Towards press, police denied that a demonstration took place and spoke of „internal tensions“.


Political gatherings are especially protected by law what might be consciously bypassed by the police by constructing "internal tensions". Besides, we think that this way, the refugees' political concerns are undermined and made invisible.


We feel solidarity with the refugees' demands and their self-organization.


Thus, we want to get in contact with the refugees at Freiburg's BEA today and the upcoming days, to share their stories and demands and occasionally publish more of them together – and we should do this in other places, too, whereever asylum-seekers are forced into the isolation and devastating living conditions of lagers!