[Heidenau] 3.10.2015 Demonstration "No discussion - For a save and humane accomodation for regugees!"

Rassismus tötet

Refugee Demonstration in Heidenau on the 3rd of October"No discussion - For a save and humane accomodation for regugees" Start: Saturday, 3rd of October, 2pm at the regugees' shelter (former hardware store) in Heidenau!


On Saturday, 26th September a group of racist youngsters attacked four refugees in Heidenau injuring them partly severely.The refugees want to speak in public about the assault, their situation and their demands. They don't feel save in Heidenau as they have to face verbal assaults, hostility and attacks on a daily basis. They dare to leave their shelter only in larger groups. For these reasons they do not want to stay in Heidenau any longer and demand to be moved to a different shelter.


Already in the end of August, nazis and racists tried to prevent busses with refugees to arrive at the shelter. They were blocking the road, trying to attack the busses and an anti-racist ralley with pieces of firework and bottles and injured numerous police wo_men. During the first days of these riots, the police were giving the racist mob plenty of rope. Only on the third day, a control area was established and the shelter was secured by water canons. Despite of this, attacks on regugees kept taking place.
In contrast to previous mobilisations in reaction towards gatherings of rascist and nazis, we want to use the demonstration to show our practical solidarity with the refugees and support their demands. One major one being the demand for a save and humane accomodation.The demonstration was initiated by refugees. They take the chance to step out of the isolation produced by mass accomodation and speak out in public.

Meeting point for common travel to Heidenau: 1pm train station "Bahnhof Dresden Neustadt" We recommend this meeting point also to people who arrive from outside Dresden.