Gefangene in Griechenland im Hungerstreik - Aufruf zur Solidarität


Zur Zeit befinden sich 21 (größtenteils anarchistische) Gefangene in Griechenland im Hungerstreik. Dieser besteht aus zwei Teilen, die verschiedene Forderungen haben, sich aber solidarisch aufeinander beziehen. Der eine Teil besteht unter anderem aus dem Gefangenen aus dem Typ C Gefängnis in Domokos (das erste und bisher einzige der neuen Hochsicherheitsgefängnisse), Gefangenen aus dem Netzwerk aufständischer Gefangener (DAK) und einigen Inhaftierten der Gruppe „Revolutionärer Kampf“ (Epanastatikos Agonas - EA), wobei es bei dieser Aufzählung Überschneidungen gibt. Die weiteren Mitglieder des DAK werden in den nächsten Tagen folgen.

Die Forderungen sind:

  • Abschaffung der Typ-C Gefängnisse

  • Abschaffung der Antiterror-Gesetze 187 (kriminelle Organisation) und 187A (terroristische Organisation)

  • Abschaffung des „Hoodie-Law“ (ein Gesetz, dass schwerere Strafen ermöglicht, wenn die betreffende Person vermummt war)

  • Abschaffung der Analyse vermischter DNA-Proben, Abschaffung der Zwangs-DNA-Abnahme, Anwesenheit von Expert_innenzeugen bei DNA-Spur-Analysen

  • Freilassung des Gefangenen Savvas Xiros aus gesundheitlichen Gründen (das 17N-Mitglied wurde 2002 durch die frühzeitige Explosion einer Bombe schwer verletzt)

Der zweite Teil besteht aus den Gefangenen der Gruppe „Verschwörung der Feuerzellen“ (CCF). Diese sind am 2.März in Hungerstreik bis zum Tod getreten. Grund dafür ist die Verhaftung von Familienangehörigen und deren Beschuldigung, Teil des gescheiterten Ausbruch-Plans Anfang des Jahres und ebenfalls Mitglieder der „Verschwörung der Feuerzellen“ zu sein. Die bis zum 2. März untergetauchte Anarchistin Aggeliki Spyropoulou ist seit ihrer Verhaftung ebenfalls im Hungerstreik.

Die Forderungen sind

  • die sofortige Freilassung der Familienangehörigen (eine Ehefrau, ein Bruder und eine Mutter)



In Hungerstreik sind zur Zeit :

  • Kostas Gournas (Typ-C-Gefängnis in Domokos, EA, seit dem 2. März)

  • Nikos Maziotis (Typ-C-Gefängnis in Domokos, EA, seit dem 2. März)

  • Dimitris Koufontinas (Typ-C-Gefängnis in Domokos, seit dem 2.März)

  • Antonis Stamboulos (Larissa-Gefängnis, DAK, seit dem 2. März)

  • Tasos Theofilou (Typ-C-Gefängnis in Domokos, DAK, seit dem 2. März)

  • Fivos Harisis (Koridallos-Gefängnis, DAK, seit dem 2. März)

  • Argyris Ntalios (Koridallos-Gefängnis, DAK, seit dem 2. März)

  • Giorgos Karagiannidis (Koridallos-Gefängnis, DAK, seit dem 2. März)

  • Mohamed-Said Elchibah (Typ-C-Gefängnis in Domokos, seit dem 2.März)

  • Grigoris Sarafoudis, (DAK, seit dem 9.März) 

  • Olga Ekonomidou (Koridallos-Gefängnis, CCF, seit dem 2. März)

  • Michalis Nikolopoulos (Koridallos-Gefängnis, CCF, seit dem 2. März)

  • Giorgos Nikolopoulos (Koridallos-Gefängnis, CCF, seit dem 2. März)

  • Haris Hatzimihelakis (Koridallos-Gefängnis, CCF, seit dem 2. März)

  • Christos Tsakalos (Koridallos-Gefängnis, CCF, seit dem 2. März)

  • Gerasimos Tsakalos (Koridallos-Gefängnis, CCF, seit dem 2. März)

  • Giorgos Polydoros (Koridallos-Gefängnis, CCF, seit dem 2. März)

  • Panagiotis Argyrou (Koridallos-Gefängnis, CCF, seit dem 2. März)

  • Damiano Bolano (Koridallos-Gefängnis, CCF, seit dem 2. März)

  • Theofilos Mavropoulos (Koridallos-Gefängnis, CCF, seit dem 2. März) 

  • Angeliki Spyropoulou (seit dem 2.März)


Sowie in Teller-Streik:

  • Zwei Frauen im Frauen-Flügel des Napoli Männergefängnis in Lasithi, Kreta (seit dem 3. März)

  • Panagiotis Michalakoglou (seit 4. März, gefangen im Nigrita-Gefängnis in Serres)




Weitere Infos (auf englisch) findet ihr unter:




- Anhang -

Inter Arma received and translated:

Two months ago our escape plan from Korydallos prison was revealed. It’s something we claimed full responsibility for and made our self-critique. After that, an unprecedented hunt for the construction of guilt has started. The target is our relatives and their friends. We saw, two days ago, Giorgos Polydoros brother’s friend and a personal friend of Christos’ and Gerasimos’ Tsakalos being arrested. They, therefore, started talking about “regional members”, “mailers” and “revolutionary fund”. What for? For a bag of clothes? For some money from contributions and solidarity events? Or for the famous “shooting lasers”? The accused man did not even know that there were lasers in the bag. In addition, the most important is that these lasers are toys being sold for 2 euros in Monastiraki and with which we wanted to create confusion at the time of the attack. Why does the counter-terrorist agency not say it, but, in contrast, presents them as weapons?

So today, we watch the mother of Christos and Gerasimos Tsakalos being arrested along with Gerasimos’ wife, because Aggeliki Spyropoulou was found in their family house. Aggeliki is a rare comrade and we are connected to her with absolute political affinity. The two comrades had told her that if she ever found herself in a difficult position, she could go to their house. Because we don’t abandon neither our ideas, nor our people. Aggeliki had been wanted for so much time and went to their house asking to be temporarily accommodated by their mother. What should their mother do? Close the door to her? She’s not that kind of person and knows the value of humanity for a chased man. In the house stays from time to time due to family relations the wife of Gerasimos Tsakalos, too. That’s why she was there as well.

The whole responsibility is exclusively ours. The relatives and their friends bear no responsibility, having nothing to do with the case and what they’re accused of. As for Aggeliki, we’ll be there for her and she knows she has our support. She’ll be among us, with her head up, in the difficult path we’ve chosen.

But we are not gonna sit here and watch them cannibalizing our relatives and their friends. The counter-terrorism agency crossed the line. We are their opponents not our relatives. So this is it. Since today, 2/3, we go on hunger strike until death to protect our relatives and their friends, so that they won’t end up in jail. The responsibility is ours alone and we are the ones taking it. UNTIL THE END! If they put them in jail, we prefer to choose death. This is what responsibility means and everyone makes their choices…



Conspiracy of Cells of Fire – Imprisoned Members Cell

Olga Ekonomidou
Michalis Nikolopoulos
Giorgos Nikolopoulos
Haris Hatzimihelakis
Christos Tsakalos
Gerasimos Tsakalos
Giorgos Polydoros
Panagiotis Argyrou
Damiano Bolano
Theofilos Mavropoulos


Greek prisons: Combative prisoners on collective hunger strike as of March 2nd 2015

On March 2nd 2015, combative prisoners launched a hunger strike in various Greek prisons. Their main demands are: the abolition of Article 187 (criminal organisation) and Article 187A (terrorist organisation) of the Greek Penal Code; of the “hoodie law” (acts committed with concealed physical characteristics); of the legal framework for type C prisons; of the prosecutorial provision of forcible taking of DNA samples – and the immediate release from prison of Savvas Xiros (convicted for his participation in the R.O. 17 November) on health grounds.

So far, those who have joined the political prisoners’ mobilisation and collective hunger strike are three urban guerrillas incarcerated in the E1 wing of Domokos type C prison: Dimitris Koufontinas, Kostas Gournas, and Revolutionary Struggle member Nikos Maziotis – and five participants in the Network of Imprisoned Fighters (DAK): Antonis Stamboulos (Larissa prison), Tasos Theofilou (Domokos prison), Fivos Harisis, Argyris Ntalios and Giorgos Karagiannidis (Koridallos prison). The rest of the comrades who participate in the Network of Imprisoned Fighters will join the hunger strike in the coming days.

Furthermore, in the E1 wing of Domokos type C prison, Giorgos Sofianidis has been on hunger strike since February 27th, requesting the abolition of type C maximum security prisons, in addition to his immediate transfer to Koridallos prison in order to continue his studies – and as of today, March 2nd, Mohamed-Said Elchibah also went on a hunger strike.





Hunger strikes in Greek prisons – A brief chronicle of the past few days
(Stand: 9. März)

While the Greek society is watching the post-election fables of the SYRIZA-ANEL coalition government in an almost dormant state, incar cerated anarchists and combative prisoners in the galleys of democracy have once again decided to clash with the Power and its laws, using hunger strike and abstention from prison food as weapons of their struggle.

On February 27, 2015, Giorgos Sofianidis, social prisoner in the E1 wing of Domokos maximum security prison, begins a hunger strike demanding to be transferred back to Koridallos prison, where he was held until New Year ’s Eve, so he can continue his studies at the Technological Education Institute of Piraeus and the Institute of Professional Training of Koridallos prison. At the same time, along wi th his fellow inmates, he claims the definite abolition of type C prisons. On the same day, all other prisoners in the E1 special wing of Domokos – anarchists Nikos Maziotis, Kostas Gournas, Yannis Naxakis, communist Dimitris Koufontinas, and social prisoners Alexandros Meletis, Konstantinos Meletis, Vasilis Varelas, Mohamed Said Elchibah, Alexandros Makadasidis – declare prison food abstention, stating they will continue their mobili sations.
Besides, in early February, a joint protest was carried out by inmates in Domokos prison in response to yet another death of a prisoner because of medical negligence.

On March 2, prisoners that share a common political context of demands launch a hunger strike, mostly aiming at abolishing the 2001 and 2004 antiterrorism laws, articles 187 and 187A of the penal code, the ‘hoodie law’, the legal framework for type C prisons, the prosecutori al provision of forcible taking of DNA samples, and demanding that the convicted 17N member Savvas Xiros be released from prison on health grounds. Those who announce their participation in the collective mobilisation are Kostas Gournas and Dimitris Koufontinas with a joint statement, Nikos Maziotis (type C prison of Domokos), and five comrades from the Network of Imprisoned Fighters (DAK); namely, Antonis Stamboulos (Larissa prison ), Tasos Theofilou (Domokos prison), Fivos Harisis, Argyris Ntalios and Giorgos Karagiannidis (Koridallos prison). The rest of the partici pants in the Network of Imprisoned Fighters will join the hunger strike later on. On March 2, Mohamed-Said Elchibah also initiates hunger strike in the type C prison of Domokos. A day later, two women incarcerated in the female section of Neapoli men’s prison in Lasithi, Crete, declare their abstention from prison food in solidarity with political prisoners on hunger strike.

Meanwhile, since February 28, police have arrested several people in relation to the case of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire attempted escape from Koridallos prison: Christos Rodopoulos, anarchist fugitive Angeliki Spyropoulou, Athena Tsakalou (mother of the Tsakalos brothers) a nd a friend of hers, a friend of the brother of Giorgos Polidoros, as well as the wife of Gerasimos Tsakalos. Therefore, on March 2, CCF imprisoned members Olga Ekonomidou, Michalis Nikolopoulos, Giorgos Nikolopoulos, Haris Hadjimihelakis, Gerasimos Tsakalos, Christos Tsakalos, Giorgos Polidoros, Panagiotis Argirou, Damiano Bolano and Theofilos Mavropoulos announce a hunger strike until death or until their family members and the friends of their relatives are immediately released. Angeliki Spyropoulou, from the holding cells at police headquarters, also goes on hunger strike with the same demand. On March 4, anarchist Panos Michalakoglou, held in pretrial detention in the prison of Nigrita in Serres, initiates abstention from prison food in solidarity with CCF hunger strikers. Both friends of relatives of CCF members are released, h owever the bastards Nikopoulos and Asprogerakas, special appellate judges in charge of the investigation, order that the mother and the wife of Gerasimos Tsakalos be remanded to prison. Additionally, two more arrestees are sent to pretrial detention; namely, hunger striker Angeliki Spyropoulou (Koridallos prison) and Christos Rodopoulos (Domokos prison). Furthermore, on March 6, Christos Polidoros (brother of CCF member Giorgos) is also arrested and currently held by the antiterrorist unit.

Giorgos Polidoros and Christos Tsakalos have explained that the ten political prisoners of CCF support the other collective hunger strike that’s currently underway in Greek prisons, emphasising that the latest machinations of the antiterrorism agency against their family members are an extreme consequence of antiterrorism legislation. Nikos Maziotis has also stated that, regardless of the different context of the hunger strikes’ demands, he supports the struggle of CCF prisoners.

Faced with this rapidly developing situation while waiting for further updates, it’s up to those of us on the outside who fight to abo lish the prison society in all of its aspects and crush all Power, to support each and every prisoner in struggle for the immediate fulfillment of thei r demands, and try to bring about the complete destabilisation of the system of domination. Let us not forget that what we fight for is the total destruction of the State/Capital, and that struggles for partial demands are used as a means of destabilisation to this end, not as an end in itself; otherwise, there’s always the danger of being assimilated into reformism. Let us multiply the actions of agitation and attack against institutions, persons and symbols of Greek democracy inside and outside the borders. Let us make solidarity into praxis.