Another 200 Gorleben tractors heading for Berlin demo

Another 200 tractors have left the Gorleben area to join the anti-nuclear trek to Berlin on Friday for a demonstration expected to attract tens of thousands in the capital on Saturday.  On the eve of the departure more farmers called in wanting to be part of the protest at the last minute, said Hans-Werner Zachow of the Farmers Emergency Community.

Saturday morning a chartered train will leave from close to Gorleben to Berlin. All 900 tickets were sold out and many buses had to be chartered as well to meet demand.

Saxony-Anhalt’s home affairs minister, Holger Hövelmann , a Social Democrat, has expressed his regret to trek organisers about the savage police attack on demonstrators at the Morsleben nuclear waste dump. He’s offered demonstrators a meeting next week to clarify the turbulent incident.

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